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Demand For The $65 Million Gulfstream Personal Jets Soar High

Demand For The $65 Million Gulfstream Personal Jets Soar High

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Flying high comes with no boundaries as well-heeled flyers and business travelers are opting for private jets to hop around the globe. The demand for new private jets is so high that Gulfstream Aerospace admits it is unable to keep up with it. While it costs $65 million for the G650 or G650ER personal jets, the company is announcing a waiting period of two years to fulfill orders. gulf_stream_g650ER_1Savannah, Georgia-based Gulfstream, the maker of top end G650 and G650ER jets models is seeing such strong demand for its personal jets from corporations and chief executives that they are considering to increase production of planes in the G650 family.gulf_stream_g650ERGulfstream’s newest flagship, the G650ER, extends the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range business aircraft. A must-have for the globe-trotting billionaires, the G650ER caters to fast-paced international marketplace and offers the advantage of flying the fastest and longest routes possible by any business aircraft. Designed to bring distant cities within reach and be a part of a day’s work, the G650ER significantly increases the number of nonstop connections possible, from Dubai to Atlanta, from Hong Kong to most of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and from Sydney to a dozen cities including Riyadh and Dallas.gulf_stream_g650ER_interiorThe customized interior gives owners the ability to create their ideal cabin configuration, whether it’s a private stateroom, a large conference space or individual work areas. The G650ER cabin is replenished with 100 percent fresh air every two minutes, thus helping to oxygenate the blood and reducing fatigue as well as ensuring a refreshed arrival many time zones later.gulf_stream_g650ER_interior_1Since the speed and quality of establishing business connections matters when flying half a world away, the travelers can also opt for G650ER’s sister ship, the Gulfstream G650. gulf_stream_g650_interiorDesigned to fly faster, farther, and more comfortably than any other business aircraft in its class, the G650 features ultra-large-cabin and comes with customization options ideally suited for meetings, entertaining as well as relaxing.

The G650 family has a range of about 13,000 kilometers (8,080 miles), sleeps as many as 10 people and can cruise as high as 51,000 feet. Flying with longer, wider cabins and a choice of 12 floorplans, the personal jets are also fitted with convection oven, large ice drawers and storage for flatware and crystal.

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