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Cocktails at Home: the Treacle from Dante

Cocktails at Home: the Treacle from Dante

Looking for a fall cocktail that is sure to impress? Check out the Treacle cocktail, from Dante in New York City, which was recently named #36 by the World’s 50 Best Bars. This easy-to-make spiced cocktail is a richly smooth apple cider with touches of walnuts and spice, perfect for autumn nights.



Created by Chris Moore (NYC)



2 oz Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

1/4 oz Spiced Cider Reduction

1/4 oz Ice Cider

1/4 oz Pommeau

2 dashes Fee Bros Black Walnut Bitters



Build all ingredients, stir, and strain into a straight-edged rocks glass. Garnish with an ice cube and a red apple wedge.