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Christian Louboutin Customizes Shoes For A Robot

Christian Louboutin Customizes Shoes For A Robot

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The red soles have adorned the feet of many celebrities, well-heeled fashionistas and dapper dandies along with setting the catwalks on fire. But it doesn’t end there as Christian Louboutin has been eager to dress the feet of a robot in style.Christian_Louboutin_Customized_Shoes_Robot_2The Parisian footwear designer’s latest muse is Pierre, a tiny humanoid star of Robot, the new show from renowned Spanish choreographer, dancer and friend to Christian Louboutin, Blanca Li. The automaton star of the show headed in to the Paris Atelier with a very special request of a new bespoke pair of shoes. The tiny animatronic figure takes to the stage sporting Monsieur Louboutin’s finest creation which crowns him as the first robot to put his best foot forward in customized Christian Louboutin shoes.

Christian_Louboutin_Customized_Shoes_Robot_1The designer was so impressed by watching Robots in Paris, he offered his services to Blanca Li and his keen desire to design shoes for the character. Li is also excited about the new red-sole twist to the New York show and states, “I think because he’s wearing Louboutin, the robot will be very, very happy.”

The futuristic and irreverent ballet is an allegory for the technological world we live in today. Humans and machines sing and dance, fall in and out of love, and care for one another in the whimsical world of Robot, and eight human dancers are given the task of teaching the child-like NAO robots, each with a distinctly different personality, how to dance. The result is a magical and amusing performance that explores the relationships between human and artificial bodies, while posing larger scale questions about the future of society in an increasingly technological landscape.

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