Tom Ford gives a retro twist to one of the latest Apple invention by turning the Apple Watch in to a stylish pocket watch. The  American fashion designer has unveiled his Spring 2016 collection in London. The most eye-catching element of the evening was the Apple Watch in form of a pocket watch that stood out from the wide display of the impressive ready-to-wear collection.tom-ford-apple-pocket_watch_1

Ford went back in time to give a face lift to Apple’s timekeeping device by turning it into a pocket watch attached to a chain. The designer created a special hook that slides into the the top watch band slot. This special accessory, though small in size, made a time-standing statement on the runway during the recent London Collections Men Spring 2016 shows.

Ideally designed to be worn on the wrist, Ford re-imagined it to be stuffed in the pocket of a waistcoat and flaunt the contemporary gadget in a conventional style.