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Celebrating Ceviche With One Unusual Cocktail

Celebrating Ceviche With One Unusual Cocktail

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Drink your ceviche? It’s possible at La Pulperia, a New York City restaurant focusing on Latin cuisine. On June 28th (which happens to be National Ceviche Day in Peru), the restaurant will offer the liquid version of the acid-cooked fish delicacy which is national dish of Peru with The Portón Tigre – a true celebration of Peruvian flavors in cocktail form.  Other bartenders and chefs across the country are also joining in the celebration on June 28th (full details here).

The Portón Tigre was dreamed up by La Pulperia’s head barman Jorge Velasco and also uses Portón, a handcrafted pisco from Peru. The cocktail contains four layers: A scallop ceviche, made with yellow pepper, cilantro and fresh lime juice as the base, followed by a Portón-infused corn foam. Next, Velasco adds a camote foam – made with sweet potato, pineapple, cinnamon and clove. Finally, this culinary creation is topped with a Portón pisco sour foam and bitters. Velasco’s version is  rather complicated and involves the use of a siphon canister, using corn cobs to compose a corn foam and more.  But taking pity on aspiring home mixologists with a taste for extreme fare, he’s simplified the recipe for the amateur bartender. It’s still complex but a fun challenge for those who have access to fresh scallops and love ceviche.

Fiesta de Lima

Created by Jorge Velasco, La Pulperia, NYC

1 part Portón pisco

1 part Leche de Tigre (see below)

1 Egg White

Combine all ingredients and dry shake. Add ice and shake again; serve in a coupe.

Leche de Tigre

Fresh scallops

Lime juice

Lemon juice

Fresh ground black pepper

Fresh ginger

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Dash of sugar

Dash of salt

1 jalapeño, chopped

1 small onion, chopped


Mix all ingredients and let sit for at least one hour; pass through a strainer and reserve.

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