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Aromatherapy Associates Boutique and Treatment Rooms, London

Aromatherapy Associates Boutique and Treatment Rooms, London

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The life of a Londoner can be stressful. The hustle and bustle of the city, the overcrowded streets, the diesel hum of motoring taxis, the ridiculous traffic, the inexplicably overheated tube – you would think that in the midst of all that craze it would be impossible to find a sanctuary of calm, a respite known to eliminate stress and detoxify the mind, body and soul. Lucky for you, the lovely founding partners of Aromatherapy Associates appear to be somewhat telepathic, answering the call of the stressed out city worker by opening a spa and retail space with one goal in mind – to educate their customers on the calming benefits and life altering positive effects of aromatherapy.

Set in the uber-posh neighborhood of Knightsbridge, moments from the iconic stores of Harrods and Harvey Nichols, the Aromatherapy Associates Boutique and Treatment Rooms feature the bath & shower oils, body oils, creams, skincare and gifting collections the brand’s dedicated followers have come to know and love. The boutique spa offers an ingredients bar from which customers can generously sample products recommended to them by an expert team of aromatherapists, or, for those feeling adventurous, guests can also mix their own bespoke blends. And that’s just the first floor.

Downstairs in the treatment rooms is where the real relaxation kicks in – the deeply restorative, powerfully therapeutic, depuffing, skin buffing, mood boosting, muscle healing, radiance inducing kind. Don’t even bother trying to recite that 5 times in a row, because you’ll be so relaxed, you won’t even care how you arrived at this unbelievably stress-free state of calm. The aromatherapy techniques employed for a body massage or facial are nothing short of heavenly. Choose from the highly acclaimed classics, such as the “Age Repair Facial” and “Essential Rose Facial”, or the body treatments, including the “Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience” or “Sleep Deeply”. But it’s their new, and exclusive to the boutique, “City Stress Buster” that sits high on the list of must-try treatments. This personalized therapy regimen is designed to instantly release stress and tension, boosting the effects brought on as the signature oils are absorbed into the body. And if you haven’t already sunk too deeply into pure bliss, you can also unwind in the peaceful relaxation area, where guests are served fresh fruit, nuts, hot chocolate, green tea and decadently flavored macaroons.

The cost of such an indulgent treatment? £90.00 for 60 minutes, leaving you with enough time to get back to work and contemplate how you can rearrange next week’s schedule to squeeze in your weekly dose of luxurious relaxation therapy.

Aromatherapy Associates Boutique & Treatment Rooms
5 Montpelier Street
United Kingdom

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