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Yogo sapphires go on auction block to help Special Olympics

Yogo sapphires go on auction block to help Special Olympics

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We’re suckers for nice stories of people donating stuff to charity. We like them even more when the items donated are some great looking Yogo sapphires. And we like the story even more when it comes out of Montana. Why, you ask? Well, we just don’t get to talk a lot about Montana at the Pursuitist. That’s why. So, check out the story, then check out some of the nice pieces and bid to help Montana Special Olympics.

More than 15 pieces of Yogo sapphire jewelry, including a bolo tie worn by Gov. Brian Schweitzer, are set to be auctioned off to raise money for Special Olympics Montana. Mike Roberts, owner of the Yogo Sapphire Mine, donated the jewels. He then encouraged jewelers from around the state to make pieces out of the donated jewels. The sale of those finished pieces will benefit Special Olympics Montana. In addition to Schweitzer’s bolo, a piece by Stephen Isley Jewelers of Whitefish was donated. That piece is worth more than $26,000, said Jim Lawrence, vice president of development for Special Olympics Montana. – From Great Falls Tribune