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How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

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With obesity rising in our children (and adults), studies show that it’s essential that we get our kids developing good eating habits early on Here’s a look at how to get your kids eating better.

The 14,300 students served by the public school cafeterias in Lee’s Summit, Mo., have delicious yet healthy options. Among the menu items are fresh watermelon, fresh carrots with low-fat ranch dip, baked chicken nuggets, chilled (frozen) strawberries, low-fat mashed potatoes with non-fat gravy, and pizza with whole grain crust and low-fat cheese. They even enjoy roasted, shredded pork sandwiches with homemade whole grain rolls dressed in a low-sodium barbecue sauce–perhaps no surprise for a district that resides in the Kansas City metropolitan area. – From Forbes