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YogaJack Mats for Men

YogaJack Mats for Men

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A new yoga brand catering exclusively to men offers “bigger, longer, better” yoga mats. As more men are turned on to yoga, thanks in part to nudging from their girlfriends and the yoga-inspired moves in programs like P90X, retailers are rolling out new mats and gear tailored just for them. Plus celebrities are helping to lead the pack, such as Matthew McConaughey, who regularly strikes a pose on the beach, and Russell Brand, who is often seen toting his yoga mat. Even David Beckham has reportedly credited Bikram yoga with helping him recover from an Achilles tendon injury. Also, blog Well + Good NYC reports that “no-girls-allowed” yoga classes are popping up in New York City.

To meet the demand, YogaJack recently launched its line of extra-thick black and olive green mats in longer sizes, 72 inches (182 cm) rather than the standard 68 (173 cm). Plus for sweaty dudes, the mat features a “proprietary non-slip surface,” plus all that extra thickness means larger feet won’t rip the mat to pieces in a few months. Price is $69, available online internationally. For $19, you can take along a more “masculine” yoga bag, in black.

“This is a new era, and YogaJack is leveraging all of the latest business process innovations in order to deliver premium products while passing on savings to our community of customers,” said YogaJack president Jahon Jamali. “We set out to produce the best yoga mat, period. Our customers should not settle for less, but at the same time, they don’t need to pay over $100 to get the best yoga mat.”

Based in San Francisco and Boston, the company was founded by 32-year-old father of two Jahoan Jamili, who told New York Daily News that he was persuaded to try yoga by his wife. “I gotta be honest, yoga is a little intimidating for guys at first,” Jamali said. “I went out to buy a cheap mat and I couldn’t find anything for me. I’m not a New Age guy; I’m a standard average Joe. Guess what, I don’t want a floral print mat.”