The hot French fitness fad, aqua fitness, gets an upgrade with the unveiling of the Water Rider 5, debuting at next week’s FIBO fitness trade show in Cologne.

For anyone unfamiliar, the premise is indoor group cycling classes on stationary bikes in the pool, for intense workouts relying on water resistance while reducing risks of injuries.

Water Rider 5 AquabikeNow the popular Waterflex brand — maker of aqua ellipticals and aqua treadmills — debuts its next-generation aquabike, which keeps many of the features of the Water Rider 4 but adds a few extra. The new system claims to provide three benefits: pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage for lighter legs, and movement rehabilitation for recovering from injuries.

Besides its new improved ergonomic design, the Water Rider 5 lets riders change the intensity of pedaling, plus the pedals have been altered with a foam coating designed for bare feet. Plus to mix up the routine, the new bike features a triathlon handlebar design.

Pedaling in a pool originated in Italy and has made huge strides across Europe, especially in France and Spain. Now even New York City has its first aqua-focused spinning center, Aqua Studio, founded by French expat Esther Gauthier. The studio opens in Tribeca on April 15.

FIBO celebrates its 28th anniversary as Europe’s key health, fitness, and wellness trade event. The expo, April 11-14, brings together the latest in training equipment, intelligent health promotion concepts, nutrition and fashion, plus cutting-edge sessions and events focused around a variety of fitness and health trends.