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World’s most expensive dress by Debbie Wingham costs $5.7 million

World’s most expensive dress by Debbie Wingham costs $5.7 million

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There’s nothing like one perfect dress for women as they love the variety every time they glamour up with some rich clothing. But Debbie Wingham, who is a youthful fashion designer originating from United Kingdom, has a made a dress that will surely rule the hearts of ladies with its appeal, luxury, and stunning looks. The dress created by Debbie that elegantly brings out the curves of a female body is encrusted with black diamonds. Isn’t that the right mixture to be called as the perfect woman dress? The designer presented the dress for the first time at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Talking to the journalists, who were present at the worthy venue, Debbie said that she chose Ukraine for the display of her luxurious dress just because there are so many potential customers present in the sphere who will go ahead with buying a dress like this. As the dress has not yet been sold so let us tell you the details about this exquisite diamond studded black dress. The dress has weight of about 29lbs – thanks to the 50 black diamonds (2 carats each). The fringe of the dress is beautifully tailored with white diamonds that are farmed in gold. It took Debbie half a year to create this lovely and unique dress which has about 50,000 odd stitches. All this is enough to speculate that why World Record Academy is referring to it being the world’s most expensive dress priced at astonishing $5.7 million!

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