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Unique Awe-Inspiring Resort hotel in historic Sicily: Casa Talia

Unique Awe-Inspiring Resort hotel in historic Sicily: Casa Talia

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Pursuing the relaxation path to a perfect holiday? Then this amazing accommodation facility in the heart of Val di Noto is the perfect place for your next vacation. Displaying its inspiring collection of interiors on the island of Sicily in Modica, Italy, the fabulous Casa Talia welcomes guests with simply stunning interiors designed by Italian architect Marco Giunta to blend in with the Sicilan baroque surroundings. Only a short distance from the sea, the unique Casa Talia was completes in 2012, so it’s a fresh place to draw inspiration from, as well as an elegant resort hotel prepared to offer you the best in Sicilian hospitality.

Restored small houses on different natural-appointed ground levels shape the shells hosting unique interiors, where privacy is looked upon as a part of the experience. Modern details were combined with traditional ones, composing breathtaking rooms hinting towards their original Mediterranean heritage. Each of the rooms are accessed from the garden through private terraces overlooking Modica’s historical center, so you can indulge in modern comfort while enjoying exceptional surroundings.