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Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove comes with a service plan

Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove comes with a service plan

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Many of us who admire and love playing baseball have a hard time in finding out the perfect baseball kit for the next gaming season. Baseball glove is one of the prime ingredients of the baseball gear. We need something that fits perfectly in our hands, offer matchless comfort, and is durable too. And, what to say if you get all these features in your baseball glove with added garnishing of a service plan! Mizuno has created its very new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove considering all the above mentioned factors. Once you have it in your kit bag, then all that you can utter is, ‘Voila!’

Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove is specifically designed for the pros and maybe also those who can afford to spend $500 for a single glove. The company offers Pro Limited in 10 varied editions that are meant for different baseball players. The high-end glove has many a feathers to its cap. It has been made from quality-rich Japanese Deguchi-tanned Northern European kip leather and is probably the toughest baseball glove to date. Mizuno has utilized its speed drive technology to impart the perfect balance to this glove while playing. Also, to comfort the hand, the company has employed deerskin in the form of Shika Palm Liner which enhances its comfort and gives softer feel from inside.

Surprisingly, the company offers a service plan that comprises of mending the necessary elements of the glove as well as a conditioning program that takes care of the glove during the off-season. Mizuno will also give a complimentary bag for storing the glove with each purchase.

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