High on style, glamour as well as price, Contessa Wafer are the world’s most beautiful stilettos. Designed to make the well-heeled go weak at the knees, the dazzling Contessa Wafer sports a wafer thin profile too. 

Exclusively created by British designer Christopher Michael Shellis, the stilettos are shaped out of precious metals like platinum, gold and silver as well as studded with diamonds. Designed to woo a woman’s soul with heart-shaped sole on Valentine’s Day, the stilettos are still available. Also chiseled to stand its test in time, the Contessa Wafer comes with a 1000 year guarantee and the patented feature of total sole replacement. This means, this eternal pair of sandal from the House of Borgeize can passed down to several generations as a piece of jewelry.

Contessa_Wafer_stilettos_2Claiming to be his greatest creation as well as his hardest challenge, the designer of stilettos took over two years to make them with his own hands. Christopher also states, “During a designers or artist life, there usually comes a moment in time when you stand back and realize that you may have just created your finest work so far.”

Contessa_Wafer_stilettos_1Each Contessa has taken exactly 18 months of sheer and intense development, calling upon all the skills, craftsmanship and resources that Borgezie has accumulated over the years of design and manufacturing experience. A silk-stocking diva can put away all her jewelry and simply put her best foot forward in the Platinum edition for $130,420. Strap on the white gold version for $93,500 or play it safe with the $11,400 silver stilettos. Exclusively made to order, all stilettos are fully hallmarked too.

Gone are the days when Cinderella wore glass slippers rendered by Fairy Godmother to prove her identity. In this day and age, diamond-studded, red heart soled stilettos designed by Christopher Michael Shellis will certainly make one feel like a real princess!

House of Borgeize