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We sell a bunch of junk, says Whole Foods boss John Mackey

We sell a bunch of junk, says Whole Foods boss John Mackey

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This is an interesting statement from Whole Foods boss John Mackey.

Mackey told the Wall Street Journal: “Basically, we used to think it was enough just to sell healthy food, but we know it is not enough. We sell all kinds of candy. We sell a bunch of junk.” He said the store would now attempt to educate in the ways of healthy eating: “There will be someone in a kiosk to answer questions, they’ll have cookbooks and health books, there will be some cooking classes. It will be about how to select food, because people don’t know.” – from Guardian

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  • I have to agree with John. I’ve been going to Whole Foods here in Austin since it was a little house on 12th st. Now that they rule the natural foods world…

    The smoothies aren’t the same and the last tofu I had from the hot foodbar was cold…

    I miss that loving feeling Whole Foods…now that you’re making billions we have lost our connection.

    John, I miss our home town store that is no more…

  • So they created the problem by selling junk now they have the answer. How convenient! Why did they just not sell the junk in the first place? Because they needed to lure you in with all that so called healthy junk and get your business and then once they have you as a customer then they will help save you again….Who …needs them to sell you more lies, just buy fresh fruits, veggies, nut and seeds. And research the way your body recognizes these foods in their uncooked and unprocessed state, Yes raw living foods! (does a body good!)

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