Watch President Barack Obama as he visits The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Obama believes a lot has been accomplished over the last 18 months in very difficult circumstances. The event marked the first time a sitting president appeared on the program and the first time just one guest had been scheduled for a single episode of the comedy show. Here’s reactions around the web on Obama’s interview with Jon Stewart:

“The interview was fairly standard, polite, a couple of jokes. Obama seemed more relaxed than Stewart at times, but there was no sense of anyone being that surprised that a President would appear on a comedy show. It’s a tribute to how our times have changed, and a tribute to the growing influence on Mr. Stewart himself.” – from NPR

“There’s a lot of different channels for people to watch these days,” press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday. “They get their information from not just television news and cable and newspapers and radio and the Internet. … And the president hasn’t been shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case.” Gibbs added that the White House agreed to the “Daily Show” interview before Stewart announced his “March to Restore Sanity,” planned for the National Mall this Saturday. While making it clear Obama was in no way endorsing the event, Gibbs said that any effort to “get people involved in and excited in participating in that democracy on either side is a good thing.” – from Fox

“The president made a point of defending his push for health care reform and efforts to stimulate the economy, saying it is his hope that fellow Democrats will be rewarded in the coming election for standing up for their beliefs.” – from CNN

“That’s how things are done now in the postmodern politiscape: Two men — Jon Stewart and Barack Obama — brimming with mutual regard, each of them funny in his own way, but managing to not be very funny together for the show’s entire 22 minutes (plus a minute or two). Like any smart “Daily Show” guest, Obama knew the best bet was to play it straight.” – from Washington Post

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