Traveling is about adventure, discovering new sensations, being closer to nature. But what if you could have the comfort of a luxurious accommodation unit and still be able to feel the essence of a place? These transparent bubble rooms were designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas and offer unforgettable outdoor experiences.

The design of the transparent bubble rooms was inspired by the crowded urban life: “This unique experience of proximity with nature is less and less lived by urban people. Our demand in terms of comfort and our ways of life tends to dematerialize our relation with nature. Thus, a night under the stars seems to be Spartan, maybe worrying. Our idea consists in allowing people to spend a night under the stars with all the comfort of a real bedroom suite. You will live the extraordinary light variation of the sunset until the first aurora´s tremors and the ceiling will have the Milky Way for unique limit”, says Pierre Stephane Dumas.

The nomad homes are available for rent or for purchase on the official site. Some designs include divided rooms for children and various amenities on request. All the models have a steady base, which comes in two versions: one for portable designs and one for the fixed transparent bubbles. The second category refers to the spheres mounted in the courtyard or garden.