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Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Oslo, Norway

Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Oslo, Norway

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Oslo, Norway, there are a few essential tips that can help you get prepared. Whether you’re looking to stay in Baltazar Apartements or simply crash on a friend’s couch, this underrated tourist destination offers unique attractions and beautiful sights. As you start packing your bags and drafting your itinerary, keep these top tips in mind to get the most out of your experience.

1. Find Your Ideal Place To Stay

Before you jet off, be sure to have your accommodations locked in, whether that’s renting an apartement or stopping at a hostel. Especially if you’re traveling during peak season, accommodations may be in high demand and you don’t want to risk getting stuck without a place to stay!

2. Fly Into the Gardermoen Airport

For quick access into and out of Oslo, your best bet is the city’s Gardermoen airport. Several airlines that run through Gardermoen offer direct flights from major cities worldwide, making it easy to pop in for a quick trip. Once you’re in the airport, you can hop on the Airport Express and arrive in the city within a quick 20 minutes.

3. Consider Getting an Oslo City Pass

If you’re interested in cultural attractions and entertainment, you may want to consider getting the Oslo City Pass. This pass is perfect for tourists since it lets you travel for free on all public transportation, gains you free entry to over 30 attractions, including several well-known museums, allows you free access to walking tours and swimming pools and even comes with discounts on other entertainment. It has a matching app for your phone, too, giving you true freedom to explore the entire city at your leisure.

4. Try Renting a Bike

If you’re used to having to drive or take a taxi when traveling, you may be excited to know that in Oslo, you can easily get around on a bike. The city is bicycle-friendly and lends itself well to exploring and navigating by bike.

5. Tour Some Museums

It may come as no surprise that as Norway’s capital city, Oslo offers some truly world-class museums. No matter your interests, you’re sure to find a museum here that suits your tastes. Some popular destinations include the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Resistance Museum, and the Fram Museum.

6. Visit the Akerselva River

Once the home of the thriving working-class industry, the Akerselva River is now a prime recreational spot surrounded by an idyllic eco-park. Stretching 8 kilometers long, the river and its surrounding areas offer beautiful views, top-notch art galleries, and the unique Mathallen food market.

7. Stroll Through Grünerlokka

While you’re near the Akerselva, set aside a few hours to stroll through the Grünerlokka area. Once a working-class hub, the neighborhood is today home to exciting, artsy attractions like small, locally-owned stores, world-class restaurants, and even renowned coffee shops and espresso bars.

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8. Cruise the Oslofjord

If you happen to be in Oslo during the summer, be sure to take a city cruise on the Oslofjord. Sunset cruises offer beautiful views, and you can stop at restaurants or spas along the way.

9. Wear Plenty of Sunscreen

Although Norway may have a northern location, the UV rays can still be powerful, especially in the summer. To avoid sunburns, pack plenty of sunscreen and bring your sunglasses along, too.

10. Stop By a Farm

Finally, as you head out of town, stop by a more rural destination for an authentic Norwegian farm experience. Be sure to get photos of sheep and other popular animals.

From its natural beauty to its abundant cultural attractions, Oslo, Norway is the perfect under-the-radar destination for adventurous tourists. Keep these tips in mind and you can look forward to the trip of your dreams!

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