Tim Cook is completely drenched by the idea of an eco-friendly, water-saving, self-installing shower.  Apple’s CEO is one of the first investors in a six-person shower start-up called Nebia. Nebia_4Based in San Francisco, the company was started on the premise of creating great products that fundamentally change the way people think about their relationship to water in their home.Nebia_3Nebia is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that showers you with water like you’ve never experienced before. It is designed to atomize water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than your regular shower. The 27-inch adjustable mounted sliding bracket, 45° tilt showerhead and removable mounted hand-wand work together to create a completely customizable shower experience.Nebia_2With Nebia, more water comes into contact with the body, while using less water than a typical household showerhead. To be precise, Nebia uses 70% less water than a typical household showerhead. The makers also claim that it can also get all the shampoo out of the hair in equal time while saving the same amount of water.Nebia_1Apart from Timothy D. Cook who made a personal investment, Nebia has also received funding from Michael Birch, a founder of the members-only club the Battery, Y Combinator, the start-up incubator, and from the Schmidt Family Foundation, which was co-founded by Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google.

NebiaNebia has tested prototypes of the shower head inside locker rooms in some Equinox gyms and on the campuses of Apple, Google and Stanford University. Such a water-efficient shower head will be a great boon for California which is facing severe drought crisis.

The New York Times Via Nebi