Wearable technology has taken yet another luxe turn with these new V-MODA headphones. The brand is already known for its high-fidelity sound (and celeb DJ devotees like Avicii), but now they’ve taken their traditional laser-engraved shields to the next level with a variety of materials including fiber, stainless steel, raw, plated and precious metals such as solid gold and platinum.

“This new offering is not merely a game changer, it is the first time in history mass customization merges jewel-grade 3D printing with consumer electronics,” says Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA. “Additive manufacturing for wearable technology is not only a product, but a 360-degree service and paradigm-shift for design and manufacturing.”

Order your custom set by selecting a base color, shield material of choice, and as well as a custom design or monogram. Prices start at a reasonable $430 for on-ear sterling silver and go up to $40,000 for platinum over-ear models.
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