Overlooking the picturesque rice fields of Canggu, a coastal village in Bali, the striking Chalina Estate offers visitors a perfect place to get away and enjoy an Asian holiday at its best. The villa is surrounded by 5,300 square meters of beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns bordering the Pangi river and is neighbored by a generously-sized swimming pool.


Once inside, the guests will probably feel overwhelmed by the opulence showcased in each interior: “Fully staffed and with six large bedrooms and converted study (which can serve as an additional bedroom) and lavish living areas featuring a unique mix of modern art and exotic artifacts, this exquisite villa exudes space and charm. This luxurious home delightfully pairs the old with the new – classic Balinese architecture with alang-alang thatched roofs, sandstone walls, polished stone and dark wood floors provide the perfect backdrop to showcase the owner’s striking modern artwork“. A stay at he Chalina Estate will cost you from US$1050 – 2150 per night, depending on the season.

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