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Star Trek Wine

Star Trek Wine

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To boldly go where no vino has gone before, a California winery has released a range of collectible wines emblazoned with retro images from the legendary, and original, Star Trek TV series which starred William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Nichelle Nichols.

Star Trek WineIn a nod to fictional wines mentioned on the science fiction series like the rare Tulaberry and Bajoran spring wine, Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California is releasing a limited 1,701 cases of Star Trek wine, a medium-bodied, red blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc. The wines include “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “Mirror Mirror” and “The Trouble with Tribbles,” inspired by the three most popular Star Trek episodes. Juan Ortiz designed the retro wine labels, and according to the winemaker:

The wine used in this collection is produced from the award-winning Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California. It is a special blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto, Tinta Cao, and Tempranillo. The blend comes together to create a medium-bodied, easy drinking red wine that is full of depth and character.

It’s not the first wine to be inspired by a movie or TV series. Recently, Alamo Drafthouse in Texas released a chianti and pinot grigio based on “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Last year, the Texas-based cinema house also released a series of “Princess Bride” wines to mark the film’s 25th anniversary. Star Trek wines, meanwhile, are available at for $25 a bottle and are supposed to pair well with pizza, grilled meats and vegetables

Press Release:

STAR TREK™, The Wine, Now Available on
Hamden, CT (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

A team of wine industry insiders will allow you “to boldly go where no one has gone before” with the release of collectible wines to commemorate the Star Trek series’ nearly fifty years of greatness. A limited 1701 cases of wine have been produced, all of which are available for sale exclusively on

From the delicate Bajoran spring wine of Kendra province to the fruity bouquet of rare Tulaberry wine, Star Trek has a longstanding appreciation for wine and its many varietals and complex flavors. STAR TREK, the wine, sourced from Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California, is a medium bodied red blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Franc. This beautifully developed blend shows its unique character for a balanced and complex wine that’s pleasurable from start to finish. STAR TREK, the wine, retails for $24.99 on and can be enjoyed with pizza, grilled meats or vegetables, or your favorite Romulan dish.

STAR TREK, the wine, is licensed by CBS Consumer Products and features artwork designed by artist Juan Ortiz in celebration of Star Trek: The Original Series. Fans will recognize three of the wine labels as three of the most beloved episodes of all time: “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “Mirror, Mirror.”