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Spotlight: Hermoza 2020

Spotlight: Hermoza 2020


Hermoza, a sophisticated swim company that combines style, elegance, and practicality was founded Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers, a dynamic duo that wanted to find stylish swimwear that made them feel amazing, but without showing too much skin at a reasonable price point. Hermoza was born in 2018, and the classic, timeless pieces can be seen on modern women everywhere.




“Growing up on beaches, I’ve always had a desire to create stylish, well-crafted swimwear that women can feel better wearing. Swimwear should celebrate the femininity of a woman in a sophisticated, elegant, timeless, and effortless way.” -Tiffany Rivers



“My love of all things fashion came from my grandmothers, Cecilia and Genevieve. The epitome of class, they are the most stylish, and well-dressed women I’ve ever known. Their elegance and sophistication was always complimented by their strength and courage as Latin women.”-Marisa De Lecce



“I’ve always loved the silhouette of the one-piece swimsuit. It is flattering and dignified yet still provides mystery.”-Marissa De Lecce


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