When a term like super or mega is prefixed to a yacht, it means big size, bigger price and biggest carbon footprint. However, Netherland-based yacht maker, Feadship has dared to change the perception and created the world’s first hybrid mega-yacht. savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_hullThe world leader in pure custom-built superyachts has launched Savannah at the Feadship yard in Aalsmeer. The 83.50-meter (273 feet) Savannah is also honored as the first to be entirely metallic painted with the exception of the mast domes.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_propulsionIt is the first to  feature an eco-friendly blend of single diesel engine, three gensets, one million Watts of Li-ion batteries, propeller, azimuting thruster and a streamlined hull shape, making it 30 percent more fuel efficient in relative comparison.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_propellerInspired by the 2010 Feadship Future Concept Breathe, Savannah is also the first yacht in the world to be running with an azipull and a variable pitch propeller.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_metallic_paint_exteriorSporting a Sea Foam metallic green exterior, Savannah spreads out with five stories that accommodate massive decks, a swimming pool and much more. In addition to the owner’s stateroom, there are four large guest suites and one VIP stateroom with a balcony.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_sideThe highlight of eco-friendly floating superstructure is an ‘underwater lounge’ at port side where guests can watch the fish outside or turn around and observe the fun and games in the nine-metre swimming pool. The room, which also converts into a cinema, is another first for a superyacht and features especially thick glass due to its position in the hull.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_2

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_1Although Savannah has hit the waters, the identity of the owner as well as the cost of creating the world’s first hybrid megayacht is kept under wraps.

savannah_ Worlds_first_hybrid_superyacht_launchFeadship