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Rolls-Royce Wraith Luggage Collection Unveiled

Rolls-Royce Wraith Luggage Collection Unveiled

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Automakers are rolling out luggage collections to complement their cars and help their clients travel with out compromising on style and quality even after steppingout of the wheels. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars rolls out a suite of elegant luggage to complement Wraith, the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever created.   

rolls_royce_wraith_luggage_collection_5Conceptualized by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer Michael Bryden and designed in the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Studio led by Director of Design Giles Taylor, the Wraith Luggage Collection comprises two Grand Tourer valises, three Long Weekender bags and one Garment Carrier. The entire range has been meticulously designed to be housed in the luggage compartment of a Rolls-Royce Wraith. More indulgence is packed in by offering an opportunity to customize it to the client’s exacting specifications.rolls_royce_wraith_luggage_collection_7

Starting from scratch, the renowned British car manufacturer sought advice from experts accustomed to handling discerning individuals’ luggage like the Head Butlers from some of the world’s most illustrious hotels, who offered insight into the interaction between guests and their belongings.

Even after stepping out of their Rolls Royce Wraith, the clients can carry the passion for the ultimate gentleman’s gran turismo along in form of the Wraith Luggage Collection.

Features that scream Rolls-Royce include the Spirit of Ecstasy the flying lady figurine elegantly embossed onto the exterior of each bag. Moreover, the leather is hand-stitched using the same color thread as featured in the owner’s motor car and lined with a monogrammed lining discreetly featuring the Rolls-Royce emblem.rolls_royce_wraith_luggage_collection_4

While the Grand Tourer rolls out on a self-righting wheel featuring the Rolls-Royce double-R emblem, the Garment Carrier is designed to sit atop the Long Weekenders and Grand Tourers and gracefully hold a gentleman’s shirt and tuxedo or a ladies gown. Renowned for an eye for detailing, the designers have also fitted it with with a loop for a silk tie or scarf.rolls_royce_wraith_luggage_collection_1

Offered in a choice of mono or a striking two-tone leather finish, the six piece Wraith Luggage Collection is available for $45,854 from Rolls-Royce Dealerships. The pieces can be bought individually as well.

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