Roland Mouret just opened his second store… ever.

Back in business under his own name, the rights to which he had to buy back from investors in 2010, the independent designer has a plan in place for expansion, and looks forward to aging with his customers.

Mouret’s second store (the first sits in a six story townhouse in London’s Mayfair neighborhood) opened earlier this week in New York at 952 Madison Avenue.   The interior — similar to the London store — features a marble floor, lacquered red benches and tables for accessories in the front, and graphic steel fixtures hanging the collection in the center.

The store houses all of the women’s collections — ready-to-wear, bridal and accessories.

“I have an amazing chemistry with American women, and… [wanted to] start to develop my image in America,” Mouret told WWD.

What else does he want to develop?  Longevity.

“You age with your customer,” he admitted.  “You have to learn how your customer was one day at 30 and she goes to her 40s and to her 50s. Oscar de la Renta understood that really well, and I think I’m in the vein of this type of designer, where I’m going to grow old with my customer and attract a new customer.”