Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have come together to wow viewers with high-profile commercial and not for some Hollywood flick. One of the most significant and influential filmmakers in cinema history has bought two of the biggest actors in Hollywood under the roof of the City of Dreams casino in the Philippines.

The marketing campaign has kicked off with two new short films that promote the luxury resorts owned by Australian businessman James Packer. Though it isn’t the first time that Martin has directed De Niro or DiCaprio, but it’s certainly a first for all three to work together on the same project. These commercials are just the trailers for Martin Scorsese’s short film called The Audition.

The high-budget ad valued at $70 million promotes Manila’s City of Dreams and Macau’s Studio City and features two separate trailers one with Scorsese welcoming them to Macau, and the other to Manila. The plot shows DiCaprio and De Niro competing for the same part in the Scorsese-directed movie. It features Martin welcoming both A-listers to Macua and explaining to them that they will not be competing but will be vying for the same part.

It is rumored that Brad Pitt will also star alongside the others in the short promotional film.