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Ritz-Carlton brings luxe life to the forest

Ritz-Carlton brings luxe life to the forest

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The Ritz-Carlton Highlands brings luxury to the mountain lodge.

At first blush, dropping a Ritz-Carlton in the middle of the Tahoe National Forest – the land of mountain bikers, ski bums and “Hoss” Cartwright – seems a lot like wearing a ball gown to a country barbecue. The hotel chain is the poster child for swanky (take a wild guess from where the word “ritzy” originated) and is typically associated with people who order from menus without prices and who never open a car door for themselves. The new Ritz-Carlton Highlands, however, is a serious stab at a mountain lodge (light on the rustic) that because of its location offers the high-end frills, but with access to the slopes, trails and village at sprawling Northstar. – From