Rihanna is at your feet’s service as she designs one more creation to dress them up without compromising on style and comfort. After taking off the Fenty Trainer designed by Riri, how about slipping on the latest Fenty fur slides, a must-have to cool off this for summer. Rihanna_fur_slides_fenty_puma_1Popularly known as LeadCat or shower slide sandals, the Fenty fur slides feature a faux-fur strap embroidered with the Puma logo and a satin foam backing.Rihanna_fur_slides_fenty_puma_3 Offered in three shades of  white, black and pastel pink, the easy-to-slip-on-slip-off slides are certainly going to be a hit with those who have to be on the move all the time. Rihanna_fur_slides_fenty_puma_4Add some oomph by pairing the Fur Slides with Fenty For Stance SocksRihanna_fur_slides_fenty_puma_2Priced at $80, the style is all set to fly off the shelves from April 22.