The Quinta Do Vallado Winery Hotel was developed by the architects at Guedes + DeCampos and is located in Vilarinho dos Freires, Peso da Régua, Portugal. With an architecture derived from the unique character of the surrounding landscape, the Winery Hotel displays an imposing shape, which seems to reign over the spectacular neighboring valley.

According to the architects, “the project for the new Rural Hotel at Quinta do Vallado fits, as it was proposed for the new winery, in a strategy that balances the need for expansion of the facilities of Quinta do Vallado with the correct integration into the landscape so that the solution, as a whole, has a minimal impact. The two strands linked to wine – production and leisure – are addressed in a single project with a distinctive and contemporary language”. Defined by a minimalist approach, the interiors showcase elegance and good taste throughout. All the passageways and guest rooms (a total of thirteen) offer friendly decors, generous windows and amazing views. Check out the official page of the hotel here.