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Pursuitist’s News In Review: A Trends Cornucopia 2015

Pursuitist’s News In Review: A Trends Cornucopia 2015

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Pursuitist’s editor McLean Robbins reported on the CES – The Consumer Electronics Show, 2015 that just ended in Las Vegas. She did a great job, as there was over a million square feet of product and of sales and brand people all vying for the attention of those who came.

However, as I am doing a wrap up of last week’s news, I wanted to include a product winner and a few of the most unique products associated with this behemoth exhibit. These products have been collated from Engadget, Mashable, Gizmodo, Fortune and Newsweek. There are many winners, also. I chose just a few that define trends we may see again in 2015.

The winner of the prestigious 2015 CES Best Of Innovation Award is the world’s thinnest tablet. It is a Dell Venue 8 7000 8.4 inch Android Tablet, with 2560 x 1600 hi-res infinity display screen, with an Intel ® Real Sense Snapshot Depth Camera, It also has an 8-megapixel rear camera plus two 720 p ancillary ones that can capture different variations of each shot. This camera applies real time filters to layers of a picture based on its depth, and measures distance between objects in the images you take.

Winning Dell Tablet-- Best Innovation-- CES 2015
Winning Dell Tablet– Best Innovation– CES 2015


Other ingenious innovation/inventions are:

Chef and Chef Jet Pro 3D Printer

The world’s first kitchen-ready food 3D printer. ChefJet and ChefJetPro, the world’s first and only professionally certified, kitchen-ready 3d food printers. With the ChefJet, culinary artists can create decorations, edible sculptures, interlocking candies, cocktail decorations, and confections of all shapes and sizes.

ChefJet prints in a variety of edibles, including sugar, chocolate or candy. Combining design freedom of 3D printing with edible materials, chefs can create imaginative food designs that were previously difficult to conceive, much less create   This is expected to be selling retail in the latter ½ of 2015.

ChefJet 3D Printer
Cake And Decor Created From ChefJet 3D Printer


Bluetooth Enabled Pacifier

Proving that all aspects of life, even parenting, is part of daily internet living; BlueMaestro has created a with baby pacifier that’s Bluetooth-enabled.

WHY? Because the pacifier doubles as a thermometer — and broadcasts the child’s temperature to the parent’s smartphone, tracking it also if the baby has a cold. If the pacifier is lost, and is needed in a hurry because the baby is having a bad day, it has a buzzer alarm to help you quickly locate it.

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Pacifier
Bluetooth Enabled Smart Pacifier

Just The Thing! A Wearable Device To Change Moods

For those who are moody, or are often accused of it, here is a wearable device that may help.

Such devices have usually been created to focus on tracking fitness activities and mobile payment devices. BUT! There’s an evolution going on.

Thync is the creator who is taking a different path with a wearable device that’s designed to change moods. Using waveforms that target specific neural pathways, the wearer can enter an energized, relaxed or focused state, so say Thync’s creators.

Thync Created a Device To Change Moods
Thync Created a Device To Change Moods

Accessing The Inner Child.

We think that if your children see these, they will quickly strap these on, leave the house and not be seen again. The first product from which these evolved was kids’ sneaker heelies:  those shoes that kids put on that have small rollers in the soles, so they could glide along for a few seconds.

The inventors liked this idea, and surely thought, why should kids have all the fun? Thus the idea was borne: adult wearable mobility.

Rocketskates are equipped with a pair of motors on each skate, letting the wearer reach speeds of 10 miles per hour. Strap them onto existing footwear, and you are OFF and running — keeping track of the route through your smartphone. Walking with them on may be difficult, but they are meant for you to glide along, leaving walking far behind.

Rocketskates For Adults
Rocketskates For Adults


Here are two other luxury news items from the past week.

The National Geographic Society announced its newest addition to its luxury travel line: National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.

This is a collection of 24 boutique hotels on six continents that National Geographic says are committed to excellence, authenticity and sustainability.

From locations like Lizard Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, the properties were selected in a rigorous evaluation process. National Geographic sent experts to each site to make sure the lodges offer an outstanding guest experience while supporting the protection of cultural and natural heritage and embracing sustainable tourism practices.

“National Geographic opens a new chapter in the power of travel to protect our planet,” said Costas Christ, editor at large for National Geographic Traveler magazine, in a news release. “Travelers can feel confident when they stay in one of these lodges that they are helping to safeguard cultural and natural treasures in some of the world’s most incredible places.”

Tierra Atacama Lodge, A New National Geographic Lodge
Tierra Atacama Lodge, A New National Geographic Lodge

Tiffany’s New Engaging, Engaged, Ad Campaign

For the first time, the jeweler is featuring a same-sex couple in its ad campaign. The ad features a gay couple who live in New York.

They are pictured sitting on steps, alongside the text: “Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often? And will you let today be the first sentence of one long story that never ends? Will you?”

Tiffany & Co. VP North American PR Linda Buckley recently said, “Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms. The Tiffany engagement ring is the first sentence of the story that a couple will write together as they create a life that is deeply intimate and exceptional, which is the message we hope to convey through this campaign.”

Happy New Year to all!


Tiffany's New Engaging Ad
Tiffany’s New Engaging Ad