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PowearIN2.0: A Modular, Multipurpose Jacket

PowearIN2.0: A Modular, Multipurpose Jacket

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From 3D printed accessories to ‘performance’ officewear, clothes are steadily getting more technologically advanced. Powearin is on the cutting edge of technology enhanced clothing: they have created a travel jacket with 40+ modular functions. Buyers will have the freedom to mix and match different modules in order to customize the jacket and tailor it to their personal needs.

The jacket is also fairly stylish and looks like the perfect thing to wear on a chilly, misty autumn day. The jacket has a gender neutral design and comes in two styles (“Classical” and “Camping M-65”) as well as five different colors.

Functionality and practicality are, however, the major concerns of Powearin. The jacket is machine-washable, and made from durable, water-proof fabric. The design may look rugged and outdoorsy, but this jacket is all about the technology. It has dedicated pockets for all your devices, an earphone port in the hood so you can keep your electronics dry in bad weather, and an RFID blocking pocket. Most importantly, the jacket has a portable charging station for your phone, meaning that you’ll never again be desperately hunting for an outlet as your phone’s battery dwindles. Frankly, this seems like the perfect jacket for the hacker on the go — like something Rami Malek’s character in Mr. Robot might wear, if he could ever part from his plain black hoodie.