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Ancient Decor: Museum Quality Pieces from Astro Gallery

Ancient Decor: Museum Quality Pieces from Astro Gallery

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Astro Gallery, based in the heart of New York City, has been open since the early 1960s and has, in the past half a century, catered to a wide range of clients including Salvador Dali and John Lennon.

The gallery retails high quality minerals and fossils, with the latter being among the gallery’s most interesting pieces. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a private cabinet of curiosities that makes a corner of your home look like a natural history museum, then you absolutely must visit Astro. The gallery offers items from a range of different prices, making it a go-to for both notice and advanced collectors. Some pieces, such as a 54 million year old shark tooth embedded in its original matrix, can be acquired for only $20, but other pieces cost significantly more. A Megalodon sharktooth can cost upward of $2,2500 and a subtly shimmering Ammonite from Alberta, Canada is available for $9,500. Of course, the particularly rare pieces seldom stay on display for long. The gallery recently sold a Velociraptor claw that cost $12,500, as well as the entire foot of an Edmontosaurus for $18,000.

The minerals, however, far outstrip the fossils in terms of cost. Currently the most expensive item on display is a large chunk of purple fluorite from Spain, which the gallery is selling for $90,000.