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Postcard from Paris V.14 – Jazz Nights

Postcard from Paris V.14 – Jazz Nights

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It was only a matter of time until I would start going off about my jazz nights in Paris. It started shortly after my arrival when I got introduced to a couple of musicians that invited me to a jazz bar. These two people have now become a couple of my closest friends and my favorite jazz performers. I started getting introduced to more and more places, people, events of jazz. My weekly visits to the fabulous cafe Universel and the superb Cave du 38 Riv’ have kept my mood up just when I need a little cheer.

This week, I got invited to an amazing concert by the talented Malia. It was held at the legendary Duc Des Lombards jazz club. It was founded in 1984 and have been ruling the jazz scene in Paris ever since. I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to check it out. Not to mention that the street it is on, rue des Lombards is the hotspot for other famous jazz clubs like Sunset/Sunside and Le Baiser Sale.

After walking into this amazing place I couldn’t wait to hear the Nina Simone inspired set. Malia brought such an amazing style to the iconic singer’s top hits that you didn’t know which version you should love more. Every jazz night of course, involved a glass of wine (or two) so as I sat back and sipped my glass of red, I was hoping with all my will that Malia will have albums on sale at the end of the show. (She didn’t since her new album will be out in January, but her other two cd’s are available on Amazon).

As I left the place I took a deep breath in and thanked Paris for another magical night. Jazz- what a great soundtrack for my adventures in this fabulous city.