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Postcard from Paris V.15 – Fashion Night Paris

Postcard from Paris V.15 – Fashion Night Paris

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It’s officially my favorite time of the year. It’s the beginning of the Autumn season which means chic layering and incredible boots. It also means that it is almost Fashion Week here in Paris! To kick off this anticipation period, all over, the world really, we have Fashion Night (In LA and NY it’s Fashion Night Out, in Paris it’s simply “Night”–we don’t limit ourselves to just outdoors..).

I was super excited since it was my first one here in Paris and I was able to get an invitation. There were about ten thousand people on the street so I am assuming the invitation was not hard to get for pretty much everyone. Nonetheless, I felt special. What a fantastic event this was. I must admit I was a bit annoyed by the crowds, but everyone was so chic and fashionable it was hard to care when you got pushed and shoved. At least you were being pushed and shoved by a GUY in fantastic purple heels. My first stop was at Valentino. I entered, grabbed a glass of champagne and went off to explore the newest collection. Lots of pinks and frills but my favorite was of course the ever reoccurring color- blood red.

Fendi shined by showing off their hottest shoes and purses ( my weakness of course) and Louis Vuitton had French maids waiting at the door to serve you what else.. Champagne. Let’s not forget the two cutie twin brothers tending at the bar. There was a DJ in pretty much every store, pumping jams that matched every set theme. I can’t say I could complain when my heels started to argue with my feet, begging to go home. After the shops closed, I headed to one of the most amazing hotels in Paris, Plaza Athenee, for an after hours drink. Fashion night gone fabulous, indeed.