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Postcard from Paris V.11 – Le Chalet Des Iles Boulogne

Postcard from Paris V.11 – Le Chalet Des Iles Boulogne

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As you know, since I have been back in Paris I have been pretty busy. Ok, ok I am not bragging but this week has been a bit hectic with rendez-vous and events. And since I have a theme going this week, I am going to continue with it and tell you about my amazing time on an island restaurant called Le Chalet Des Iles Boulogne. Well, it’s not really an island, although technically it might be considered one. It is about 20 meters away from actual Paris land and it took us only about 1 minute to take a boat to the said party. I was stoked.

Included in the price of the entrance I received 10 drink tickets. Uhm, guess what is in my jacket’s pocket right now? Yup, 8 drink tickets. Never used them since ironically, they served drinks for free. And since I am not really a drinker I had one and was happy about it. It is only 8 tickets because I used 2 of them to get a hot dog, which was a surprisingly low point of the evening and a shocking choice of the only meal option for such an establishment. Nonetheless, I had to wolf it down and continue my partying and photo taking/stalking evening.

This amazing party is thrown every week, rain or shine. In this case it was mostly rain, but it didn’t stop people from enjoying an amazing DJ and a fabulous atmosphere. A crowded dance floor under the roof was packed all night and the outside patio kept everyone refreshed after a sweaty dance off. I looked around and was confirmed what I have been told before my arrival here. Everyone in attendance was sophisticated and mature. No youngsters here, but definitely chic hipsters. I was so tempted to take pictures of folks, but I knew I might be just a tad bit annoying and perhaps even ruin their fun if I tapped them on a shoulder requesting not to move while I snap a few shots of their happiness.