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Postcard from Paris V.7 – Madame Grès Exhibit

Postcard from Paris V.7 – Madame Grès Exhibit

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Before I came to Paris, I had an opportunity to work with a talented designer – Lloyd Klein – who just happened to have been the head designer of the House of Madame Grès in the 90’s. Madame Grès, in case you didn’t know, was one of the original couturiers in Paris. She was a sculptress who incorporated the aspects of sculpture into her draping and ended up with masterpieces for ladies like Greta Garbo and Jackie Kennedy. She was respected by many in the 40’s and until the early 90’s when she passed at the age of 90. Grès created sophisticated and timeless pieces and refused to do a ready to wear line, claiming she believed it was prostitution although she succumbed to that later on (ready to wear, NOT prostitution).

She was very discrete about her work and liked to create quietly and privately. She had a very specific clientele, the ladies of Paris that needed very special attention when it came to their couture designs. Grès inspired many designers, including a long time friend, Yves St. Laurent.

When I heard that Musée Galliera organized an exhibit for Madame Grès at the Musée Bourdelle in Paris I knew I would make it just for the last days it was going on…Needless to say I was at awe. The exhibition included 100 drawings and 50 photographs from the Madame Grès Archives, which was a huge treat for me as a fan of couture. Of course I took a gazillion pictures and share some of them with you here. The simplicity of her elegant designs attracted me like a bee to honey and I wasn’t able to stop examining every seam of her amazingly pleated gowns.

I browsed through all the rooms in this beautiful museum getting inspiration. I was even tempted to buy the book that included images of all the pieces in the exhibit but I have a fashion memorabilia budget and unfortunately I have already tapped it out. You, on the other hand, still have the option to go and see this fabulous gallery of work since it has been extended until August 28th. Go, run!!! You will simply love it.