Engineering and design innovation is not always limited to big products like cars, aircrafts and, yachts, rather sometimes you see a nicely conceptualized and engineered smaller product having a great deal of functionality and aesthetic beauty. Yes, it’s a gadget; it’s a beautiful looking headphone design that gently covers your ears to drown you in deep sea of sweet music. A Germany freelance Industrial designer named Jules Parmentier has conceptualized these headphones for the very famous design house, Porsche Design.

The designer takes a cue from the metallic rails that have been integrated at Stuttgart Porsche Museum. These headphones are appealing in design and too user-friendly with best quality materials used to create it with awesome sound experience offered to audiophiles. The design is very streamlined; body is quite tough to bear all wear and tear and is built to deliver high-end experience to the users. There are rails which help a person to adjust the side speakers as per the requirement. The stability to a certain height is guaranteed by ball stoppers integrated to the headphones rail region. The headphones can be folded that ensures that they can be easily stored within a minimum space. The leather cushions and speakers fixation caps are totally customizable. In sum total, this is a modern looking high-end product which offers users with very best of sound-quality. We hope to see them in production soon.