Starbucks has been coming up with plenty of interesting concept store designs lately and this one in Tokyo is no exception. Envisioned as a library, this new coffee space consists of tall shelving units, each containing book sleeves in nine different colors. Inside them, customers can read all about the history and properties of their favorite type of coffee.

Here is more information from the designers at Nendo: “The library invites visitors to choose an espresso drink as they would a book, and verse themselves in espresso drinks as though quietly entering into a fictional world. At the counter, visitors can trade the book for an actual espresso drink, but retain the book cover which tells them about the drink they have chosen, Books and coffee are both important parts of everyday life, so we created a link between favorite books and favorite coffees”. Nendo’s Starbucks interpretation is original and captivating, despite its inconsistence with the rest of the coffee shops around the world. But could this really be a bad thing in the long run?