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The folding Oru Kayak

The folding Oru Kayak

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Oru Kayak is a single-person, 12-foot, oragami-inspired kayak weighing 25 pounds. But the beauty of the Oru Kayak is that it will fold up and fit into a small carrying case (33″x29″x10″) for easy transport. You can throw it into the back of a car, bring it on a plane, or hike it to a remote location.

The Oru Kayak was funded last year via a Kickstarter campaign. It employs a corrugated plastic (polyethelyne) skin, is strong, buoyant and nimble. The double-layered plastic hull is extremely tough and abrasion-resistant. Also, the Oru Kayak is fully recyclable, and uses 70% less petroleum to manufacture than a standard kayak.

The Oru Kayak retails for $1,095.