Natalie Portman will soon be learning how to be a mom in real life. First, she had to learn to do it on the big screen. Portman, who announced yesterday that she is engaged to ‘Black Swan’ partner Benjamin Millepied and pregnant with his child, stars in the upcoming film, ‘The Other Woman,’ though she must hope that her character’s travails far exceed what life has in store for her in the real world. Portman plays an office assistant that has an affair with her boss that ends up in him divorcing his first wife and marrying her. The film centers on the loss of Portman’s newborn child, and the rocky road she faces in creating a bond with her young step-son. The film, based on Ayelet Waldman’s novel ‘Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,’ has an interesting release strategy (though perhaps less unusual for a small independent film): it will be available On Demand on television on New Year’s Day, and will hit theaters in a limited release on February 4th.