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Most Expensive Take-Away In The Universe Is A Gourmet Meal To Space

Most Expensive Take-Away In The Universe Is A Gourmet Meal To Space

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The Soyuz TMA-18M rocket is heading to the International Space Station, ISS, with the most expensive take-away in the Universe. The trip also includes Denmark’s first astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, who had requested Thorsten Schmidt to create a culinary experience that the nine cosmonauts and astronauts can treat their taste buds while floating in a weightless state 389 km into Space.
International_Space_StationThe made-for-space gourmet meal box created by Danish chef Thorsten includes something out of the ordinary and that which could be eaten on the Space Odyssey 2015 six months later.

Space_Meal_Thorsten_Schmidt_4Approved by the American space agency NASA and the Russian equivalent Roscosmos and the European Space Agency ESA, the meal was expected to be packaged in a single box measuring 24 x 22 x 12 cm weighing a maximum of 6.5 kg.Space_Meal_Thorsten_Schmidt_3He was also asked to make it such that it can be held for up to six months at around 25° Celsius and be able to withstand extreme shocks and meet a lot of requirements that are not normally met for ready-made meals. Space_Meal_Thorsten_Schmidt_2As an example the food had to contain a maximum of 10 percent water.Thorsten_SchmidtBesides the menu itself, Thorsten Schmidt has also packed a treat for those in Space in form of a piece of gnarled, blue-gray chocolate that looks like a meteorite. Aptly christened Space Rock, it comes in different flavors.astronaut_Anderes_Mogensen_Thorsten_SchmidtThorsten Schmidt promises a star moment for the Space travelers, “I both hope and think they’ll appreciate it. You have no idea how many hours and effort that underlies this dining experience in space. It‘s probably the Universe’s most expensive take-away.” The Nordic star chef also revealed that the launch cost alone for the take-away-space-meal is about $11,500 per kilo.Space_Meal_Thorsten_Schmidt_5Malling & Schmidt