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Modern Outdoor Seating Ingfah Restaurant in Thailand

Modern Outdoor Seating Ingfah Restaurant in Thailand

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The Ingfah Restaurant in Khao Lak, Thailand was designed by the creative team at Integrated Field as a casual meeting space, serving local cuisine.

The idea for an outdoor seating restaurant was born as soon as the architects first laid eyes on the building site. Surrounded by many buildings and lacking sea access, the design of the new project had to overcome these “drawbacks”. The focus was therefore redirected towards taking advantage of the lawn and the sky. An interesting concept was developed- that of dining in a new way, by sitting down, relaxing and taking in the good vibes of the environment (an idea which also defines past Thai dining behavior). The resulting social space is made up of two separate areas: one that surrounds the bar and another, for guests in search of privacy. Each seating unit inspires a large degree of comfort and contributes to the overall serene feel of the space.

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