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Maserati Helps You Master the Art of Driving

Maserati Helps You Master the Art of Driving

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If you’re like us, you love driving schools. They give you the opportunity to learn how to better control your high performance car. They let you drive in ways that on public roads would land you in the local hoosegow. They also let you get behind the wheel of some of the world’s best cars – and this is important – that are not your own.

That’s why we’re so enamored with this year’s line up at the Maserati Masters driving program.

A series of safety and performance driving classes, the program is set up as a natural progression to take you from novice to expert. You can take just one course or experience the whole series. And you get to do it from behind the wheel of the entire range of the incredible performance machines from Modena.

All classes take place at the Autodromo in Varano de’ Melegari, just a few miles Southeast of Parma and all track sessions will take place under the careful instruction and supervision of the best Master instructor-drivers who are hand-picked and supervised by former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich.

Classes start in late April and continue throughout the summer and fall. We are particularly intrigued by the Master Italian Lifestyle Experience, but whichever you choose you’ll be sure to experience top flight instruction in some of our favorite cars.

Master Master Warm Up –May 5th / June 26th / September 21st
The Master Warm Up class is a great place to start for those who have never been through a driving school before. Constant in-car support from the instructor allows driving technique to be optimized step-by-step, so you get the most out of the session in a safe environment.

Master GT 1 Day – May 14th / July 2nd / Oct 16th
Stepping up a level, this Master GT course offers a whole day dedicated to improving circuit driving techniques. It includes telemetry and exercises to control oversteering.

Master GT 2 Days – Apr 29th – 30th / May 29th – 30th / Jun 17th – 18th / Jul 6th – 7th / Sep 30th – Oct 1st / Oct 29th-30th
And because one day is never enough time to get to know a car and a track, Maserati offers a two day course to improve circuit driving techniques. It includes telemetry and driving exercises on a slippery, low grip surface.

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Master Italian Lifestyle Experience –July 16th and 17th
The Master Maserati program offers both the driver and a companion a complete range of experiences, all completely exclusive, with all-Italian style and elegance. This five star “lifestyle” program is truly captivating for both a driver and his/her companion. The package includes a circuit driving session and an exclusive sightseeing tour of Florence and Parma, among two of the richest cities in Italy, in terms of history.

Master High Performance – Oct 7th and 8th
This program represents the natural extension of driving technique concepts developed in the GT courses. It consists of advanced concepts for fast driving and more technically complex control exercises, with a dynamic that suits personal needs and expectations of the participants, who can analyze any technical aspect thanks to an intensive and professional use of telemetry.

Classes also include an optional tour of the Maserati factory in Modena. More information on each class and registration is available on Maserati’s website. It seems like the perfect excuse for a trip to Italy to us!

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