While Disney aims to add Marvel-themed rides to its theme parks, Dubai will take the lead by bringing the super action heroes, from the X-Men to The Avengers to a new entertainment destination called Marvel Adventure. The park will take shape within an indoor family attraction centre covering over 11 hectares with 3.25 hectares devoted to the Marvel-themed entertainment centre to be built and run by the IMG Group, according to Emirates 24/7.

The multi-purpose venue will also feature retail stores, restaurants and interactive entertainment experiences featuring Marvel characters and honouring the various cultures where Marvel characters are from.

“Whether it’s having fun at one of the entertainment experiences, hanging out with friends and enjoying a meal or collecting the latest Marvel gadgets and action figures, there is truly something for everyone at Marvel Adventure,” Simon Philips, President of Marvel Entertainment International, said in a statement.

The groundbreaking for Marvel Adventure launched the centre on June 26, and is set to open in the City of Arabia, Dubai in 2013.