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Martell Pure Gourmet Initiative

Martell Pure Gourmet Initiative

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Martell has unveiled the Pure Gourmet Initiative, a campaign by the French spirit house to encourage the gastronomical experience of pairing Martell with fine food.

Designed to be an ingredient-led experience, Martell’s Pure Gourmet experience culls only the best from renowned ingredients worldwide to accompany the most special of Martell cognacs.

Spearheaded by two star chefs, Eric Danger and Christophe Pienkowski, alongside Cellar Master Benoît Fil, the Pure Gourmet philosophy is one of careful pairings. Benoît Fil explains: “The culture of flavor, of tasting and of discovering the terroirs are perhaps the most obvious links between the Martell cognacs and the recipes that have been created for Pure Gourmet.’

“It is impossible to make a good eau-de-vie without a good wine and you cannot make a good wine without a good grape… all stems back to the origins, the ingredient. The Pure Gourmet recipes are ingredient-led, each with a focus on three pure ingredients from the most renowned terroirs, this is why my team and I have worked closely together to create ingredient and Martell pairings on which the recipes are based.”