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‘Mad Men’ To Collaborate With Banana Republic

‘Mad Men’ To Collaborate With Banana Republic

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One of our favorite shows working with some of our favorite brands. Nice. Here’s NYTimes with more:

The faux agency is Sterling Cooper, the focus for the drama series “Mad Men,” created by Matthew Weiner. Elaborate and expensive promotions are under way to generate interest in season two on DVD, coming out on Tuesday from the Lionsgate Home Entertainment unit of Lionsgate, and season three on TV, which begins on Aug. 16 on the AMC cable channel. The partners joining forces for the “Mad Men” marketing blitz include Banana Republic, Clorox, Vanity Fair and Variety. The efforts are more extensive than those a year ago, when Lionsgate released the first season on DVD and AMC was about to start season two on TV. – from NYTimes