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Mad Men Inspired Computer

Mad Men Inspired Computer

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As avid Mad Men viewers, we’re a bit in love with this. If Don Draper has a computer, it’d be a bit like this… From their product page:

Mid-Century Madness is a computer enclosure inspired by the television show Mad Men. I was motivated by a challenge from a design blog to build something in the mid-century modern style and this is my response. The idea was to create a caricature of early-Sixties furniture fashion and somehow have it fit into an alternative universe where desktop computers were used in a 1960’s Mad Men office. Could this have been Don Draper’s PC? The enclosure is made from a combination of red oak plywood and birch plywood with a red oak veneer. The legs are solid red oak. The plywood panels were hand sawn and the taper in the legs are hand carved. The color is natural red oak that is finished with Danish Oil and semi-gloss brushing lacquer. For me, mid-century modern means long, thin legs and floating tabletops. These are meant to give an airy appearance to the design. It also means stark minimalism with vast expanses of wood with no fasteners showing. The actual computer case is a slightly modified Silverstone TJ08 micro ATX tower. The case is easily removed by pulling it out from the back of the enclosure. The Silverstone case has vent ducts cut into the top and bottom to align with the external enclosure’s vent openings.

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