When you live in Paris some things just become obvious. Like, it’s obvious that I will eat a baguette today. Or, it’s obvious I will drink wine and say “bonjour” at least five time today. Well, to me it’s also obvious that I will go to the Louvre once a week. It’s been said that it would take you a month of everyday visits to see all that it has to offer. I personally think it would take a year of such visits. When you walk in you get such an overwhelming feeling it’s hard to describe it. If you think of all the history that surrounds you, it’s easy to imagine the energy that is accumulated in this place.

Sometimes when I’m feeling down I grab my camera and head to the Louvre to get inspiration. Most of the time it ends up being a very short visit, since the tourist crowds start driving me crazy and I must leave to save my sanity. I can come back tomorrow, after all. I never look up any exhibitions before hand. I like the element of surprise. I head in and see what catches my eye (this time was the amazing photography exhibit). Then I start circling, walking down random halls (having absolutely no sense of direction is mostly the reason for that), and exploring until my feet yell, “we need to sit and have a latte!” and I am done for the day. Well, inside anyhow. There is always a little treat for you outside as well. Yes, there is usually some art/gallery/show displayed. But for me simply sitting outside of the Louvre is probably one of the most relaxing methods of therapy. There is just so much open space that no matter how many people there are around, there is a powerful silence. Your heartbeat can’t help but to slow down and you are left with a feeling of calmness and exhilaration.