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Louis Vuitton Video Promotes Emprise Jewelry and Watch Collection

Louis Vuitton Video Promotes Emprise Jewelry and Watch Collection

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Louis Vuitton ad campaigns for their uber-fashionable products are a treat to watch! Just like their new collections, even the videos to promote the products are over the top. Another short film surfaces to endorse Louis Vuitton Emprise Jewelry and Watch Collection. The film is directed by Surface to Air Studio / Raphael Giannelli-Meriano (Slowdance) and backed by French producer Gesaffelstein’s debut Aleph, a modern industrial techno masterpiece.

Louis_Vuitton_Emprise_collection_3The Emprise video makes the viewer travel through a number of windows which open to new rooms, continuously. Each new segment shows models wearing pieces from the collection. In one scene, a model is shown opening a trunk that also allows the viewer to travel to the next space to discover the next piece from the jewelry collection.


Just a word of caution as some of the viewers may experience a bit of digital motion sickness while watching this short film!

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